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Facilities & Services

Peter Bezemes Casting offers a variety of services, equipment, casting & audition space which may be contracted by the Hour, Day or Run Of Production.

Massachusetts, Boston - 60 State Street, Boston, United States

bulletCasting Room Capacity: 35 persons.
bulletCasting Room Capacity: 80 Persons
bulletTheater  Capacity: 110 Persons
bullet Casting/Conference Room Capacity: 10 to 15
bullet Casting/Conference Room Capacity: 4 to 8
bulletOffice Space
bullet Videoconferencing available in all Casting/Conference rooms
bulletMulti-Track Audio Recording with noise reduction
bulletVideo Recording & Playback
bulletFull Casting, Talent Selection (Principal, Atmosphere, Union, Non-Union)
bulletTalent Coordination/Atmosphere Coordination
bulletSecure Internet Services
bullet Administrative Assistance


Call:(617) CASTING

**All services and facilities are subject to availability. Fees apply. Service charges, and expenses are additional, and required with most  facility rentals, and contracts for services. All rates, subject to change without prior notice. Advance payments, Bonds & Insurance may be required. Union scales apply where applicable. Rates, fees & availability vary depending on location. To inquire  about current location rates, service fees,   and schedule of availability, please call (617) 227-8464.

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