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Beginning or expanding an acting career, or any special interest, is a very personal decision... We'd like to offer you our undivided attention, privacy, and security when you come in to visit with us... you have your own time to ask questions, and have your individual needs and interests addressed.

Because of the large volume of requests for appointments, and the logistics involved in arranging appointment times that work for both you, and our office schedule; we've arranged for you to view our calendar of available appointment times, and made it easy for you to Schedule Your Own Appointment. Select the event of your choice, select an available time, on a date that works best for you. You can find out if it's open on our schedule instantly.

Once you've registered with our appointment system, you can enter your user name & password to schedule future appointments for Casting Calls, Actors Institute Open Houses, special events, and more. You will receive an e-mail confirmation that your appointment request is pending, and another when your appointment is confirmed by our office. Our system even provides you with a reminder e-mail!

Our Appointment System is being upgraded. Please contact us using the link below for questions, or sign up for our Newsletter By Clicking Here

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If you are unable to come in on an available "Open Call" date, and would like to visit on a weekend, or another time more convenient to your schedule, please Contact Us and we'll try to arrange an alternate appointment time specifically for you. It may not always be possible, but we'll make every effort to assist you. Please click on the envelope below to make your request.



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